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Scoutingland is an international networking platform, which provides links between athletic clubs and athletes, creating a worldwide community with extensive benefits.

Our website presents an innovative world map of football and basketball academies/clubs for everyone to see and use, allows sports clubs and athletes to organise their profiles and showcase their work.

For the first time, a worldwide map of sports academies is created. Sports academies can publicly present themselves by using videos and photos, while users and visitors can easily find academies close to them, using the specially developed filters.

Meanwhile, athletes can upload statistics, videos and other useful information, creating their own personal online athletic CV.

Scoutingland offers a unique opportunity for athletic clubs, managers and coaches from all over the world to evaluate athletic performance.

Our goal is to empower athletic clubs and athletes’ presence in the global sports industry, facilitating the mobility of athletes.

We are comitted to provide the best possible user experience through the constant upgrade and improvement of the platform.

Scoutingland has the full backing and support of the Organisation for the Development of Football Academies in Greece (OASPE).

The simplest way to get out on the international networking pitch is just… to sign up!

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